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Calloway's Shooters

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Calloway's Cocktail
99 Apples, Sour, Cranberry and a Splash of Sprite.

Dragon Juice
Bacardi Dragon Berry, Blue Lotus and Cranberry.

Red Stag and Jagermeister.

Wild Berry Vodka, Triple Sec, Sour and a Splash of Grenadine.

Absolute Vodka, Blue Lotus, Orange Juice, Sprite and Grenadine.

Joose and Jagermeister. Served like a car bomb.

Cooter Juice
Strawberry Vodka and 180.

Barbed Wire
Sambuca and Goldschlagger.

Wide Eyed Screw
Wide Eye Vodka, Blue Lotus, Triple Sec and Cranberry.

Red Stag
Drinking Red Stag Straight Out of the Bottle.

Poision Apple
Bacardi Dragon Berry, 99 Apples, Blue Lotus and Cranberry.

Mind Eraser
Kahlua, Absolute Vodka and Soda Water.

Air Head
Cherry Vodka, Blue Lotus, Sour and Cranberry.

Jager Bomb
Jagermeister and Turbo Energy Drink.